sic itur ad astra

sleeping under the stars and running across the universe

You don’t tell a secret to a stranger. You tell secrets to people you trust. People who make you feel special.

Maybe you’re special.

— excerpt from wordpress blog circa october 2011

confession #17

i don’t necessarily give up on people, i let people give up on me

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t let you come back. This has all gone on too long. It is so hard to love someone so inconstant, someone who is so often fading before my eyes. But I know I will always welcome your return. The way you crack open the sky to come home to me. It is all I can do to bathe in your brilliance. Beautiful, after all this time you still control my every move. I become such a monster when I miss you. Darling, it is always so dark when you’re gone.
Clementine von RadicsFrom The Ocean To The Moon (via hellanne)
I love you, but I can’t be with you, because I’m on fire and I think you are too and we’ll just create something too big for either of us to put out, and with the scars decorating my arm, there isn’t any room for burns.
— ignorance is bliss

written thought #23

it’s not about praying that your enemies be dead..

love your enemies, change yourself and the way you think about others 


do not hold me too tight

i might break

do not whisper me things

i could fall apart

do not look me in the eyes

i might not know

what is real


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